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American FactFinder Virtual Tour

Welcome to American FactFinder - New Look, New Tools, Easier Access

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Video Transcript:

  • Welcome to the American FactFinder Virtual Tour.
  • With the release of the first 2010 Census data, the US Census Bureau will launch a new American FactFinder.
  • The new American FactFinder offers a new look, new tools, and easier access to Census data.
  • In this virtual tour, we will introduce you to American FactFinder's enhanced features and functions.
  • Let's look at the new American FactFinder main page.
  • There are many ways to search for data in American FactFinder.
  • Use Quick Start to search for data using keywords or phrases.
  • Select pre-defined Topics, Geographies, Population Groups or Industry Codes to search for data.
  • Choose Reference Maps to view geographic boundaries or to select geographies from a map.
  • Choose Address Search to find data for a specific address or location.
  • Let's take a closer at American FactFinder's robust search features. Follow along as we search using Quick Start.
  • Enter Population Estimates and Ohio and click GO.
  • American FactFinder uses its powerful search engine to quickly provide search results.
  • American FactFinder allows you to refine your search and easily view and download data products.
  • Your Selections helps you track and manage your search criteria.
  • Notice that the search criteria we entered into Quick Start are shown in Your Selections.
  • The number of search results is updated as you select your search criteria.
  • Notice that you can refine your search by entering a keyword in the 'Search within results for' text box.
  • After you have finished refining your search criteria, you can select one or more tables to view and download.
  • To select a single table, simply click on the title of the table you want to view.
  • The selected table displays in American FactFinder.
  • American FactFinder offers enhanced table features that allow you to quickly modify a table.
  • When you select Modify Table, several tools display that allow you to:
    • Show or hide rows and columns,
    • Collapse or expand groups of data in the table,
    • Rearrange the rows and columns,
    • Sort rows in ascending and descending order, and
    • Filter the rows of a table.
  • After you are done modifying the table, you can bookmark or download the table for future use.
  • Another new feature of American FactFinder is the ability to see geographic patterns in the data by viewing the data on a map.
  • Let's view this table as a map.
  • Click "Create a Map" and then select a data cell to display on your map.
  • Next click Show Map. The map displays.
  • You can manipulate the map with tools like zoom, pan, and identify.
  • Personalize your map by changing colors, displaying boundaries and features, or adding points or text to the map.
  • After you have created a map, you can print or download the map.
  • Click Main to return to the American FactFinder Main Page.
  • This concludes the American FactFinder Virtual Tour.
  • For more information, visit American FactFinder at factfinder.census.gov.