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American FactFinder (AFF) will be taken offline on March 31, 2020.
Most data previously released on AFF are now being released on the U.S. Census Bureau's new dissemination platform, data.census.gov. For more information about the transition from American FactFinder to data.census.gov, see Transition From AFF. Included on this page are information on historic AFF data, documentation on updating AFF links, and resource materials, including tutorials, webinars, and how-tos on using data.census.gov. If you have questions or comments, please email: cedsci.feedback@census.gov.
Download Center - Downloading data from American FactFinder and Census.gov

Download data from American FactFinder

There are multiple ways to download data from American FactFinder.
  • Download from the search results page
    Download up to 10 tables from the search results page in a comma-delimited format (.csv). This format can be imported into Microsoft Excel, as well as other spreadsheet and database programs.
  • Download when viewing a table
    Download a single table from the table view in comma-delimited (.csv), PDF, Microsoft Excel (.xls), or Rich Text Format (.rtf) formats.
  • Download data using the Download Center
    For experienced users - download tables for groups of selected geographic summary levels or prepackaged datasets via FTP.
  • Download spatial data from reference maps and thematic maps
    Download shapefiles that can be imported into various geographic information systems (GIS) software packages.

See the download limits FAQ for more information about limits to the number and size of tables that can be downloaded in American FactFinder.

Download data via FTP

If American FactFinder's download limits prevent you from downloading the data you need, you may be able to download the complete dataset from the Census Bureau's FTP Site. Use the links to the right for information about downloading data from various Census Bureau programs.

Visit the Census Bureau's FTP site for a complete list of available files.

Other Resources

Visit the following links for additional information about downloading data from American FactFinder.

See the following pages for more information about downloading data via FTP.

Access data with Census APIs

To improve access to data and encourage innovation, the Census Bureau provides Application Programming Interface (API) access to selected data sets, including the 2010 Census Summary File 1 and the American Community Survey (five year data). The API allows developers to design Web and mobile apps to explore or learn more about America's changing population and economy.

Visit our Developer Site to learn more.