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As of July 1, 2019 data.census.gov is now the primary way to access Census Bureau data, including the latest releases from the 2018 American Community Survey and 2017 Economic Census and the upcoming 2020 Census and more. American FactFinder will be decomissioned in 2020.

Read more about the Census Bureau's transition to data.census.gov .
Statistics about Governments – Annual Surveys

A Detailed Portrait of State and Local Government Activities

The Census Bureau provides relevant, comprehensive, uniform, and quality statistics on the characteristics and key economic activities of our nation's nearly 90,000 state and local governments, by conducting censuses and surveys that provide detailed information about their structure, organization, function, finances, and employment. This information reflects social and economic trends, and is of sufficient breadth and depth to support countless economic decisions that impact our nation.

The following information is/will be available in American FactFinder: