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Using FactFinder - Getting started with American FactFinder

Guided Search leads you step by step to the data that you're looking for. Select Guided Search on the Main Page, and then click 'Get Me Started'.

There are several ways to search in Guided Search.

  • You can use topics about People, Housing, or Businesses and Industries
  • You can start your search using a dataset; or
  • You can start your search using a specific table number or name.

After choosing a search option, we guide you through a series of questions that lead you to a small set of search results closely matching the search items you've selected. A series of "breadcrumbs" at the top of the guided search page lists the steps to follow, and shows your progress.

Need Additional Assistance?


View contextual help about American FactFinder using help icons found throughout the application, as well as from the help link displayed at the top of each page.


A glossary of terms used by the Census Bureau is available from the top of each page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search the Census Bureau's Question and Answer Center.