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Using FactFinder - Getting started with American FactFinder

The Table Viewer page displays the table or data product(s) you’ve selected. For tables, the Table ID, Table Title, and Dataset name are displayed above the table. For other types of data products, the details about the product are displayed.

From the Results Page you can Print, Download, and Bookmark tables. Other functions are available depending on the type and structure of the table. These functions include:

  • Modify Table – one or more of the following functions may be available depending on the structure of a table:
    • expanding and collapsing data categories in the table stub (the leftmost column(s) of the table)
    • sorting rows
    • rearranging columns
    • transposing the rows and columns of the table
    • filtering the rows of a table based on a data values in a column
  • Create a Map – generate a thematic map based on the value in a table. This is only available for multiple geography tables when more than one geography of the same type has been selected (more than one state, more than one county, etc.)
  • View Table Notes – displays the head notes and footnotes associated with the table. Whenever you print a table, the notes are always printed with the table.

To change the geographies, industries, or population groups you want to see in your table, click the Back to Search Results button and add or remove items using the options available in the Left Navigation Bar.

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View contextual help about American FactFinder using help icons found throughout the application, as well as from the help link displayed at the top of each page.


A glossary of terms used by the Census Bureau is available from the top of each page.

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