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Thematic maps show geographic patterns in statistical data, such as population or median income, displayed as color-coded areas on a map.

In American FactFinder, a Thematic Map can be created from any table that displays more than one geography of the same type (more than one state, more than one county, etc.).

From the Table Results page, click the Create a Map button. Select a data cell from the table that you want to map. The row and column headers corresponding to the cell you select is the data item that will be mapped. Once the map is displayed, the map tools displayed above the map allow you to:

  • pan and zoom the map
  • print the map
  • download the map image and data used to create the map
  • identify geographies and data values displayed on the map

You can customize the map with the options to the left of the map:

  • Change the colors used to display statistical data on the map
  • Modify the data classes and classification method for the thematic map
  • Change the boundaries and features displayed on the map
  • Reposition the map by selecting a geography name or entering and address
  • Add map markers and user-defined text to the map

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