Basic Map Tools

Map tools that are shared between reference and thematic maps are called basic map tools. The basic map tools are located on the Map Toolbar and in the Navigation Tools section. The basic map tools are listed below.




Navigation Tools 

Zoom in Click the zoom in button to show a higher level of detail on the map.  You can also double-click on the map to zoom in.
Zoom out Click the zoom out button to show a larger area of the map.
Home Click the home button to redraw the map to its initial zoom level and position.
Find my location Click the find my location button to reposition the map to your current location.  Note that this function is dependent on your Internet connection and your Internet browser.
Find address or place search box

Reposition the map to an address or place.

You can search for an address, city, town, zip code and more.  You can enter the name of a landmark, for example ‘Mount Rushmore’ or ‘Washington Monument’.  You can also enter airport codes (e.g., DCA or SFO).

Reposition the map to a longitude and latitude coordinate by entering the numeric longitude and latitude separated by a comma (e.g., -104.67, 39.86).  Note that the longitude will be negative (indicating west longitude) for locations in the United States, except for part of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.

As you type, a list of suggested matches appear below the search box.  You can continue to type, or you can select one of the displayed suggestions.

A map marker    displays on the map to indicate the location that was found.  Click the ‘X’ to the right of the search box to remove the marker from the map.



Repositioning the Map


Reposition the map by clicking on the map, holding the mouse button down and dragging the map.



 Map Toolbar

Select Geographies Select geographies from a map using a point, rectangle, radius, or polygon.  For more information see Select Geographies on a Map.
Legend Toggles the display of the legend on and off.
Boundaries Add boundaries and boundary labels to the map.  See Changing Map Boundaries.
Map Markers Add point or text markers to the map.  See Placing Map Markers.
Basemap Gallery Provides a way to change the basemap, or underlying map. 
Identify Click the identify button and then click an area on the map to reveal information about geographies at the clicked point.
Print Click the print map button to create a PDF file of the map to print.
Bookmark/Save Bookmark or Save Query.  See Bookmark and Save Query.
Download Click the download button to download the map in JPG or PDF format. Select the Shapefile option to download shapefiles that can be used in various desktop mapping software.




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