Bookmark and Save Query

American FactFinder allows you to bookmark a table, creating a URL of the table being viewed and saving it as a browser bookmark or favorite so you can return to it another time.

See the Bookmark and Download tutorial for more information.


The Save Query function saves the same information that a bookmark saves, but saves it in a separate file on your computer. This file can be reloaded into American FactFinder in the future to recreate the table or map you were viewing.


Note: Bookmarking using the browser button instead of using the American FactFinder button will not create a valid bookmark.


Bookmark a Product

Save a Query



Bookmark a Product

  1. Click the Bookmark button, image\ebx_-1642086333.gif in the Actions toolbar. The bookmark dialog displays.


  2. Click Create Bookmark.




  1. The browser's "New Bookmark" or "Add a Favorite" dialog box appears. Select the appropriate options in the dialog box and click Add.


Note: Maps and some tables in American FactFinder may not be bookmarkable. This is because the information needed to recreate the table or the map is too complex to fit into a URL. If the bookmark option is not available, you can always use Save Query.



Save a Query

  1. Click the Bookmark button, image\ebx_-1642086333.gif in the Action toolbar. The bookmark overlay displays.

  2. Click the Save Query button

  3. In the save file dialog box select Save File and click OK

  4. Choose a location and name for the file and click Save.


Error Messages

You may encounter some of the following errors relating to bookmark and save query.


"This page in American FactFinder is too complex to be bookmarked"

Use the Save a Product process and save the query to your computer. You can retrieve previously saved queries using the Load Query button on the Main page.



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