Changing Map Boundaries

You can select boundaries and boundary labels to display on reference maps and thematic maps in American FactFinder. 



Change Map Boundaries


Click the Boundaries button  in the map toolbar to toggle the display of the Boundaries selection window.



Data from the Census Bureau are published for many different geographic area types (e.g., states, counties, places). These boundaries can change over time. View these boundaries on a map by selecting a different year from the ‘display boundaries for’ dropdown.


Boundary and label display is dependent on the zoom level of the map.  For example, census tract boundaries are not visible when at a zoom level that displays the entire United States.


Change Map Boundaries

1.  From the map view, click the Boundaries button  in the map toolbar to display of the Boundaries selection window.

2.  In the Boundaries selection window, select a year from the display boundaries from drop-down menu.

3.  Select geographic boundaries and/or labels by checking the corresponding checkbox.

4.  Click update and the map will update with new boundaries.

5.  Click the close button in the upper-right corner of the Boundaries selection window.



Click the clear all button and update button to clear boundary selections and return map to its original boundary settings.




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