Download Center - Selecting Prepackaged Data to Download

The Prepackaged Data path helps you find data files that have been created by the Census Bureau that are indexed in American FactFinder.


Select a program or dataset

Select one or more Programs and/or Datasets. For more information about Programs and Datasets in American FactFinder, see Programs, Datasets, and Tables.




Select one or more programs and/or datasets to narrow your search result. As you select programs and/or datasets, they are added to 'Your Selections'. .




Notice that the 'Prepackaged products matching your selections' updates as you make selections. You can select more than one program and dataset at a time. If you want to remove a program or dataset from Your Selections, click the blue "X" next to that item to remove it.

Click the 'Next' button to continue. You can click 'Cancel' at any time to return to the American FactFinder Main Page.


Select a search result

The Search Result page shows you the prepackaged products that match your search criteria (the items you've added to 'Your Selections').




You can refine your search results by entering search term(s) in the 'Refine your search results' text box. Click on one of the search results to continue.



A prepackaged product result displays, with the title and description of the product you selected. Click the link indicated on the result viewer page to download your prepackaged product.