Download Center - Selecting Tables to Download

The Dataset and Table path guides you through selections to download data from up to 40 tables for a group of geographies (e.g., all counties in the United States or all places in California).


Select a program and dataset

Select the Program and Dataset that contain the tables you want to download. For more information about Programs and Datasets in American FactFinder, see Programs, Datasets, and Tables.




After you select a program, a list box with the available datasets for that program displays.




Select a dataset and click the 'Add to Your Selections' button.




The dataset is added to 'Your Selections'. Notice that the 'Tables matching your selections' below the dataset name shows you how many tables are available based on the items contained in 'Your Selections'.

You can only select one dataset. If you want to select a different dataset, click the blue "X" next to the dataset name in the 'Your Selections' box to remove it, and then add the dataset you want.

Click the 'Next' button to continue.


Select geographies

From the Geographies step of the Dataset and Table path, you can select the geographies that you're interested in. The Download Center lets you select a single group of geographies, such as all states in the United States or all counties in Alabama.

Begin by selecting the type of geography you want. Notice that not all geographic types are available in the geographic type dropdown box (some of them are grayed out). This is because your selected dataset may not contain data for all of the listed geography types.




Once you select the geographic type you want, a series of dropdowns displays, prompting you for further choices. For example, if you select 'County Subdivision', then the Download Center will prompt you for what state and what county those county subdivisions are in.

In the example pictured below, 'All County Subdivision within Hamilton County' was added to 'Your Selections'. The number of tables matching your selections is updated.




Click the 'Next' button to continue. You can always click the 'Previous' button to return to the previous step.



Select tables to download

The Search Result page shows you the tables that match your search criteria (the dataset and geographies you've added to 'Your Selections').




You can refine your search results by entering a topic, table name, or table number in the 'Refine your search results' text box.

Click the check boxes to select one or more tables to download. The page arrows let you move between pages of search results. Any tables you select on one page are remembered as you navigate between the pages of search results.

Tip: If you want to view an example of a table listed in the search results, click the gray 'i' button located in the rightmost column labeled 'About'.

You can download up to 40 tables at one time.

Click the 'Download' button or the 'Next' button to continue. The Download confirmation dialog displays.




The tables and geographies you've selected are displayed in the download confirmation dialog box.

Your download will include descriptive names for the cells within the tables you've selected (e.g., Total Population). If you do not want these descriptive names in your download, uncheck the 'Include descriptive data element names' check box.


Click 'OK' to begin the download. The download progress dialog displays. Note that it may take several minutes or hours to create the file depending on the size and complexity of your download request.




After the download file has been created on American FactFinder, the Download button becomes active. Click the Download button to download the file to your computer. Note that once the download process is complete you have 30 minutes to download the file to your computer. American FactFinder times out after 30 minutes of inactivity.




The Internet browser download dialog displays. This will vary, depending on what Internet browser you are using.