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There are many ways to download data, tables, and maps to your computer. American FactFinder offers many download file types depending on the type of information requested, and the location of the request. After reviewing the information below, you can expect to learn about:

Download Options

Download Limits

Choosing a Download File Type



Download Options

Download up to 10 tables from the search results page in a comma-delimited format (.csv). This format can be imported into Microsoft Excel, as well as other spreadsheet and database programs.

Download a table from the table view in comma-delimited (.csv), PDF, Microsoft Excel (.xls), or Rich Text Format (.rtf) formats. Downloads can be for either a single table or multiple tables.

Download a single map from the map view in PDF, JPEG image (jpg), or Shapefile formats.

Download a single map from the Map Tab of the Geography Overlay in PDF, JPEG image (.jpg), or Shapefile formats.

Download prepackaged Census Bureau files that are searchable from within American FactFinder.

Download large volumes of data from the Census Bureau's FTP site.

Download Limits

There are limits to the size of tables that can be downloaded in American FactFinder. If American FactFinder's download limits prevent you from downloading the data you need, you may be able to download the complete dataset from the Census Bureau's FTP Site. Visit the Census Bureau's FTP site at for a complete list of available files.



Tables can be downloaded in:


Note: Your geographies will be on the "Y" axis (i.e. the left side of the table) when downloading in csv format

Limits for .pdf and .rtf


Limits for .xls


Using the "View All as PDF" option, you can download up to 3 tables at one time in a pdf format. The row and column limits are the same as above.


Using the Download button, you can only download the table you are viewing. If the table is too large to download in a presentation-ready format, you will be prompted to download in a database-compatible (.csv) format



Choosing a Download File Type

Download options are divided into the following categories:










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