Guided Search - Selecting Topics

"Topics" are subjects of interest that you can pick to specify more precisely the kind of Census data in which you are interested. Generally, selecting more topics narrows your search, and reduces the number of data products in your search results.

Each Guided Search option provides topic selection (except for the table option). The types of topics you can select depend upon the option you have chosen. For example, if you choose the Business and Industry option, economic topics will be available for selection, but if you choose the People option, demographic topics will be available. If you chose the Dataset option, only topics associated with the selected Dataset will be available.

You can pick one or more topics, or choose not to pick any.

When you select a topic, FactFinder adds it to Your Selections as one of your search criteria. FactFinder then searches for data products that match all of the criteria shown in Your Selections, and according to the Guided Search option you have chosen. The total number of data products found is shown at the bottom of Your Selections.

If you want to remove a topic from Your Selections, click the blue "X" next to the one you want to remove.

Note: the "Race & Ethnicity" topics previously available on this step are now available on the "Race/Ethnic Groups" step. If you want to pick groups such as "Black or African American", "American Indian", or "Hispanic or Latino" you should do so on the "Race/Ethnic Groups" step rather than selecting items from the "Origins" group on this step.

When you are finished picking topics, you can click the "Next" button to move to the next step of Guided Search, or move directly to any other available step by selecting it from the top of the page.