Guided Search - Dataset Search

If you are interested in information from a particular census or survey, you can select the Dataset that contains that information. Selecting a Dataset will limit AFF's search for tables that match your criteria to tables contained within the dataset. For more information about programs and datasets, see the Programs and Datasets help page.

First, select the Census program that is responsible for the census or survey, such as the Decennial Census, the American Community Survey, or the Economic Census.

After selecting the program, Guided Search will list the censuses/surveys for that program. These instances are called 'Datasets'. Select the Dataset you want. You can only select one dataset at a time. You cannot proceed with Guided Search until you select a Dataset.

When you choose a Dataset, Guided Search adds it to Your Selections as one of your search criteria.



When you have selected a Dataset, you can proceed with your Guided Search and specify additional criteria, such as topics, geographies and industry codes, to locate products within the Dataset that contain the information in which you are interested.