Guided Search - Table Search

If you are interested in information from a particular data table, you can specify the table that contains the information if you know either its identifier or title. Specifying a table will limit AFF's search for data products that match your criteria to that table.

You can specify the table by typing either its identifier or name into the text box. As you type, FactFinder will show a list of suggested tables. You can either select a table from the list, or continue to type until you have specified the table, and then click GO.

When you choose a table, it is added to Your Selections as one of your search criteria.

You can only specify one table. You cannot proceed with Guided Search until you specify a table.

When you have selected a table, you can proceed with your Guided Search and specify additional criteria, such as geographies and industry codes, to locate the information in which you are interested within the table.