Narrative Profiles

Narrative Profiles are text-based summaries of Census data composed of text with embedded data values, pie charts, bar charts and simple tables of data.


To search for Narrative Profiles in American FactFinder, click the Topics button from the left navigation bar. In the Select Topics overlay, click the Product Type filter group, and then select Narrative Profile. The search results are updated with the available Narrative Profiles.


Select a Narrative Profile from the search results. The Narrative Profile is displayed:




-- The Geography Selector dropdown box contains geographies that were selected from the Geography Overlay. To view the Narrative Profile for a different selected geography, select a geographic area from the Geography Selector dropdown box:


-- To bookmark the Narrative Profile, select the Bookmark button from the Actions toolbar:


-- To print the Narrative Profile in PDF, select Print button from the Actions toolbar:


-- To save the Narrative Profile in PDF or RTF, select the Download button from the Actions toolbar:


-- To display all selected data products in PDF, select the View All as PDF button from the Actions toolbar:


-- To display Geographic Identifier information about the geography for the currently displayed Narrative Profile, select the View Geography Notes button:


-- To display all notes associated with the currently displayed Narrative Profile, select the View Table Notes button:



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