Reordering Table Columns

Reorder the columns of a table using the reorder buttons. Reordering columns allows you to customize your view of the data. For example if your table has columns for Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, you can rearrange the columns to present the data in a different way. If you live in New Mexico, you may wish to display the data from New Mexico first. You can use the reorder buttons to view the table showing New Mexico first, then Colorado, and Utah.

See the Modify Table tutorial for more information.


  1. From the table view click the modify table button located in the action menu above the table




  1. Click a reorder button:


-- Click the move left button, image\ebx_1528484001.gif to move the column one position to the left

-- Click the move right button, image\ebx_-1644822146.gif to move the column one position to the right




Note: Click the reset table button to restore the table to its original format


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