Search Using Topics

In Advanced Search, you can search for data related to a particular topic by selecting the topics button on the left navigation. Use the expand image\ebx_80968144.gif and collapse image\ebx_1458791697.gif buttons to find topic filters for data you're looking for. Click one of the topic filters in the topics list to add to Your Selections and view matching data products.

Examples of topic filters include:





Specific topics will lead to demographic or economic data search results For example, if you choose a topic filter under the People category, then you'll most likely find data related to Decennial Census and American Community Survey data products. If you choose a topic filter under the Business and Industry category, then you'll most likely find data related to Economic Census or Annual Economic Surveys data products. If you're familiar with Census data, you may use the Program, Dataset, Survey, and Product Type topic filters to narrow your search results to find the specific data you're looking for. If you're looking for documentation associated with specific data, select a Program from the topics list, and then one of the Document Type topic filters. For example, you may select 'American Community Survey' and then 'Miscellaneous' to find ACS public use microdata sample (PUMS) files.

The list of search results is updated based on the topic filters in Your Selections.

Selecting one or more topics will narrow your search results. For example, if you select 'Poverty' and 'Alaska Native', the search results will only display tables containing information about poverty status for Alaska Natives. Use the remove filter buttonimage\ebx_-1408035215.gifto remove topics from Your Selections.

By default, search instructions are displayed in the 'Search Results' pane when Your Selections is empty.



To search for topics in American FactFinder:

  1. Click the topics button from the left navigation to display the topics search.

  2. Use the expand image\ebx_-485177626.gif and collapse image\ebx_1089786228.gif buttons to expand and collapse filter groups.

  3. Select a topic filter to add to Your Selections.



Searching for Archived Products

To include archived data products in your search results, check the include archive products in your search checkbox located below the topic filters.



Removing Filters


Error Messages

You may encounter the following error messages while searching for data using topics:


No results were found for search term(s) you entered.

American FactFinder could not find matching data products based on the search term(s) you entered. Modify your selections and try again.



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