Sorting Rows

Sort the rows of a table in ascending and descending order using the sort buttons. Sorting rows allows you to customize your view of the data. For example, if your table has income data and you want to display the rows with the greatest income first, use the sort descending button. Descending order places the cell row with the greatest value in the first row and continues to decrease in value each row until it reaches the last row, which will include the lowest value. For example, if the income table had $2000, $1000, and $3000 after sorting in descending order it will be $3000, $2000, $1000.


See the Modify Table tutorial for more information.


  1. From the Table View click the Modify Table button located in the Actions toolbar.



  1. Click a sort button to arrange the rows of the table in ascending or descending order.




-- To sort rows in ascending order, 0-9 then A-Z, click the sort ascending button, image\ebx_-1166693670.gif in a column header

-- To sort rows in descending order, Z-A then 9-0, click the sort descending Button, image\ebx_-1391028678.gif in a column header



  1. A pop-up window displays. Select your sort criteria and click OK.



-- Select a column from the Sort by dropdown list.

-- Select the type of sort (i.e. ascending or descending).

-- To sort rows by additional columns, click the Add A Column to Sort By button.

-- To clear individual sort values, click the Remove button image\ebx_563453842.gif next to the selected column and sort type.


If the table was previously sorted when a sort button is clicked, the pop-up window will display a Remove Sort button. To clear all sort values, click the Remove Sort button.


To restore the table to its original format, click the Reset Table button on the table tools bar.



Note: Depending on the table layout, the sort function may not be available.



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