Summary File 1 (SF 1)

Data files available from Census 2000 and the 2010 Census. This file presents 100-percent population and housing figures for the total population, for 63 race categories, and for many other race and Hispanic or Latino categories. This includes age, sex, households, household relationship, housing units, occupancy status, and tenure (whether the residence is owned or rented). Also included are selected characteristics for a limited number of race and Hispanic or Latino categories. The data are available for the U.S., regions, divisions, states, counties, county subdivisions, places, census tracts, block groups, blocks, metropolitan areas (2000), core based statistical areas (2010), American Indian and Alaska Native areas, tribal subdivisions, Hawaiian home lands, congressional districts, and ZIP Code Tabulation Areas. Data are available down to the block level for many tabulations, but only to the census-tract level for others. The 2010 Census SF 1 has some tables on the population in group quarters that are available only to the county level. Available on DVD and American FactFinder.


The Census 2000 Summary File 1 data were released in three stages. Individual state files and two national files were released. The state-level data were released first, followed by the Advance National File, which covered the same data subjects, but includes national level summary data for areas that cross state boundaries such as whole metropolitan areas, whole American Indian areas, etc. The Final National File contains the same data subjects and geographic areas as the Advance National File, but adds the first available urban/rural and urbanized area data. For the most current release dates for these files, see the "Census 2000 Release Schedule" link on the AFF Main Page.


The 2010 Census Summaray File 1 data were released in stages. Individual state files and a national update were released in 2011. The SF 1 urban/rural update is planned for release in Fall 2012. This file contains the same data subjects as the previously released files, but for additional geography, including the urban and rural parts of the United States, regions, divisions, states, counties, and places; and urbanized areas and urban clusters. See the 2010 Census Data Products At A Glance


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