Tables Overview

American FactFinder organizes data in a table. Tables allow you to compare data values across different geographies, topics, years, etc. For example, you can compare the female population of Arkansas to the female population of Texas, or look at the number of household with children in Chicago versus New York in tables.


See the Modify Table tutorial for more information.


To view a table from data search results:



  1. Click on the checkbox, image\ebx_880184381.gif next to the data search result to select it

  2. Click view to display the table view page


  1. Click the blue hyperlinked table title to display the table view page




See Navigating Search Results and Working with Search Results to learn more about sorting and narrowing the search results to find the table you are looking for.



Table Types

The following table outlines all types of tables that are available on American FactFinder. Users can select a specific table type by selecting Topics from the Search page and expanding the Product Types filter.

Table Type

Sample Table ID, Title and Dataset


Comparison Profiles


2010 ACS 1-year estimates

See the American Community Survey Data Product Descriptions at

Data Profiles

DP-1 - Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics: 2010

2010 Demographic Profile SF

See Demographic Profiles

Detailed Tables

AM1031AS101 - Annual Survey of Manufactures: Geographic Area Statistics: Statistics for All Manufacturing by State: 2010 and 2009

2010 Annual Survey of Manufactures

See Detailed Tables

Geographic Comparison Tables

GCT-H2 - General Housing Characteristics: 2010 - United States -- States; and Puerto Rico

2010 SF1 100% Data

See Geographic Comparison Tables

Geographic Header


2010 ACS 1-year estimates

Geographic Header tables list various codes and other information about the selected geographies.

Narrative Profiles

NP01 - Population and Housing Narrative Profile: 2010

2010 ACS 1-year estimates

See Narrative Profiles

Public Use Microdata Sample

PUMS-CSV - 2006-2010 ACS 5-year Public Use Microdata Samples (PUMS) - CSV format

2010 ACS 5-year estimates

See Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS)


Quick Tables

QT-H2 - Tenure, Household Size, and Age of Householder: 2000 more information

110th Congressional District Summary File (100-Percent)DP-1 - Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics: 2010

See Quick Tables

Ranking Tables

R0201 - PERCENT OF THE TOTAL POPULATION WHO ARE WHITE ALONE - United States -- States; and Puerto Rico

2010 ACS 1-year estimates

See the American Community Survey Data Product Descriptions at

Selected Population Profiles


2010 ACS 1-year estimates

See the American Community Survey Data Product Descriptions at

Subject Tables


2010 ACS 1-year estimates

See the American Community Survey Data Product Descriptions at




Default Table Selections

If a table is selected from the search results and no geography has been selected (no geographies have been added to "Your Selections"), the table will display with default geographies using the following rules:


If a table displays data for industry codes and no industry codes have been selected, a default set of industry codes will be displayed for the table. The same behavior is true for race and ethnic groups, which will default to Total Population figures in most cases.

The following sample message displays above a table when American FactFinder has used default geographies and industries:




To prevent American FactFinder from using default geographies, race or ethnic groups, or industry codes, click "Back to Search" and add geographies, race and ethnic groups, or industries to "Your Selections".


View Geography Notes -- Click view geography notes image\ebx_2002572660.gif to view geography boundary change notes for the geography. A new browser window will open and provide an online resource for selected geographic changes to incorporated places, census designated places, county subdivisions, counties and equivalent areas, and American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian areas as recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau, within the 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Island Areas (American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands).


View Table Notes -- Click view table notes image\ebx_-67523996.gif to view information about the data survey including the name of the data provider that performed the survey, how and when the survey was performed and how the survey data is structured.



Table Tools

From the table view page:


Print Tables Overview -- Print tables using your browser's print function.

Download Tables Overview -- Download tables to your computer in different formats

Filter Rows -- Display rows that meet conditions you create

Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns -- Hide or unhide a column or row to change the information that displays in a table

Transpose Table Rows and Columns -- Transposing swaps the rows and columns of a table so, the original column headers will be row headers and the original row headers will be column headers

Reorder Table Columns-- Move a column(s) to the left or right in a table



See Also

Filtering Rows

Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Columns

Reordering Table Columns

Sorting Rows

Transposing Table Rows and Columns



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