Transposing Table Rows and Columns

Swap the rows and columns of a table using the transpose rows and columns button. The original column headers are row headers and the original row headers are column headers. In the example below the row headers; Male and Female become column headers after transposing. To switch the table back to the original format, transpose the table again or click the reset table button in the action toolbar.


See the Transpose Rows and Columns tutorial for more information.


Before Transposing



After Transposing



Any changes to the data prior to transposing will still be maintained except if the data is sorted. Sorted data cannot be transposed.



  1. From the table view, click modify table, located in the actions toolbar above the table




  1. Click transpose rows and columns




Note: Click reset table to restore the table to its original format


Error Messages

You may encounter some of the following errors relating to transposing table rows and columns.


Unable to transpose unless sort is undone

Sorted tables cannot be transposed. To transpose the table click reset table and then click transpose rows and columns



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